We createvideo-based teaching materials which are used instead of textbooks.

Today's students don't read textbooks, resulting in less time studying. We partner with professors to create the full suite of teaching materials that educators need to replace their old digital textbooks. Professors bring the knowledge, we do the rest.

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Beautiful Videos

Today's learners have grown up watching Hollywood quality videos through Netflix and Youtube. Through our technology and facilities, we create high quality videos that students love.
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We create the quizbanks to support educators, including separate banks for practice quizzes, graded quizzes and exams.
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Assignments & Discussions

We create immersive case-style auto-graded assignments and discussions that reinforce key learning outcomes from the video content.
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Notes, Slides, Transcripts & More

Video by itself is not enough. Educators and learners need supporting text, notes, slides and more. We got that covered.


Make beautiful materials with measurable impact & make money in perpetuity.

Blended Teaching Fire-Side Discussion

1. Beautiful videos

Creating beautiful video content with us is a bit like writing a chapter in a textbook, but less work. We will guide you through preparing your content for filming, and we will film you. Then we do the rest from there, including making quizbanks, assignments, discussions, slides, etc.

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2. Measurable impact

The videos and materials we create will be used in universities, colleges and companies across the world. Professors from your field will recognize you. This has resulted in research collaborations, interview opportunities and friendships. Our data reporting shows you how many students have watched your content and for how long. This helps in demonstrating impact for tenure discussions.

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3. Mailbox money

You will share in the revenues generated by the materials we make together for as long as they generate money. We typically make money in 2 ways: Firstly from students who pay for access as part of their course instead of a textbook. As textbook publishers revenues continue to decline, ours grow. Secondly, from companies that use your materials to train their staff. This is a new market not tapped by traditional textbook publishers, and is growing rapidly.


We have 2 methods for making beautiful content.


We have 2 methods for making beautiful content.

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1. In Our Studio

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, we have our own purpose-designed film sets, with a team of 12 film producers, directors and editors ready to film. This video content is high quality, and learners love it! Think Masterclass with you on the screen.

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2. Remote Filming At Home

We've developed technology that allows us to achieve 80% of the quality of the "In studio" experience, in your own home or office, or studio. You can film anywhere in the world. We help you prepare your content, provide the tools, get you set up for filming remotely, film you using our software, and then edit and publish beautiful content.

Got Questions, check out our faq below

Answers to questions, downloadable contracts & more.


Who pays to make the content?

The cost of creating the content in the studio is very high ($10,000+ per hour), and we pay for all of it. If you come to the studio to film with us, we will also pay for your travel expenses, including flights and hotels up to $1,500. You shouldn't be out of pocket for making this content. The way we look at it is, we contribute the skills, money and time required to make the content, you contribute your subject expertise and time.

Who owns the content that we make together?

The content costs us a lot of time and money to make ($10,000+ for each module). Because of the high upfront investment required, to make it worthwhile, we need to own the content. You will have a share in any money made from the content in perpetuity, and you will have access for free to your content through the Blended Teaching platform for your students.

How will I make money from this?

We sell access to your content to learners and companies. We monitor how much time each learner spends on your content versus others, and apportion the fee they have paid between the content creators pro rata to their time spent. Just like Spotify. You will then receive an agreed portion of the money that has be apportioned to your content. More information about how the revenue share is calculated is available here.

Will there be a conflict of interest with my university for doing this?

For all of the professors that have filmed with us so far, there has not been an issue at their university or company with conflicts of interest. You will effectively be making a modern version of a textbook with us, and universities typically permit that. But you should check internally to make sure you are satisfied that this is true for you too.

Can I use just my content without charging students?

If you have students you want to share this with, or other faculty, friends, etc. you can use your content for free through the Blended Teaching platform. It's only if you want to use content from other creators that your learners would need to pay for access. We will provide you with a unique access link that you can share with whomever you choose for people to access your materials.

Will I have control over the content?

We will own the content, and so we will have control. However, your personal brand is very important, and so you will have the final say before the content goes live, to make sure you are happy with the quality and messaging. Once it is live, we have control over where it is published, on which platforms, etc.

Can I have copies of the videos I make to put on my own channels?

You can have unlimited access to the videos for you and your chosen learners for free through the Blended Teaching platform, but you cannot have access to the video files themselves. This is to prevent the content being monetized elsewhere, or available for free on the open internet.

Will you be able to use my likeness and deep fake me in the future?

Cloning or deepfaking is an increasing concern with the rapid development of AI. We only film professors live, and we don't yet AI generated avatars. In the future, it is possible (and likely) that we will work with some professors to create avatars with their permission. But unless we get explicit permission from you, we don't have the right to do so, nor would we.

Can I see the contract?

You can access a full copy of our standard form contract by clicking here. Feel free to have a read through, and ask us any questions. It's important that you are happy with the contract before we get started. When you are happy with it, we will update the key terms (name, dates, etc.) and share it with you for electronic signature.

Who creates all the materials that go with the videos?

We create materials that go with the videos, including quizbanks, discussions, assignments, slide decks, notes and more. We will ask you to review them and comment, but we will do the leg work. Usually, this doesn't take professors much time.


Download the the content production guide & contract below.