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Why do university educators use Blended Teaching?

Student typing on their laptop.

Accelerate learning

Content from leading educators developed in collaboration with learning experts.

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Engage your students

Hundreds of hours of video content in a platform that’s familiar to what your students are used to.

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Spenser Robinson

Spend time on what matters most

Students study at their own pace, outside the classroom.

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How does Blended Teaching work?

George Washington University
"It takes the straight lecture / socratic method, and enriches it with texture, color and 'guest speakers' without interrupting the scope and agenda of the syllabus."
Elizabeth Gannon
Commercial Real Estate Professor
George Washington University
"This semester integrating Blended Teaching has increased test scores, students are more engaged, and asking better questions. This last semester compared to this semester is like night and day!"
Nikki Zotto
Adjunct Faculty
Grand Canyon University

Hear from the educators who use Blended Teaching.

What are students saying about Blended Teaching?

"The best thing ever and more teachers
should implement this style."
"Hearing explanations of material and seeing problems worked through videos is
much more helpful than reading the information in a normal textbook."
"The transition from McGraw to Blended teaching has helped me tremendously in getting the hands-on experience that’s necessary for the workforce."
"Highly Effective...
...I enjoy the flexibility but also the accountability the textbook provides."
"I've never had a better, interactive textbook that
actually is somewhat entertaining"
"The hands-on experience provided by the excel worksheets and examples through Blended teaching will help us in our careers and job interviews."
"Blended Teaching is the new way for online teaching and for the future as well."

Used by educators around the world