Our Organic Growth Strategy

Blended Teaching is an educational technology platform with content designed by professors for professors. We behave very differently from traditional textbook publishers.

The old strategy for getting more professors as customers, still used by textbook publishers today, is to employ large teams of sales people who tour campuses and drop in and buy you coffee. The model being, if they hire more people and send more emails to your inbox, they'll make more money.

Unsurprisingly, this is expensive and not as effective as it once was. Do you open those emails? To pay for all these people and tactics, publishers continue to increase the cost of access to their materials, reducing affordability and accessibility for students.

Our organic growth model is almost the opposite. We don't want large sales teams, commissions and "winners of the week". We would rather invest that money back into the professor community that we exist to serve. You. We choose to pay you the money instead of a sales team. This means we don't have to manage people, we can focus on improving technology, building great content, and we can reduce the cost of providing access to digital teaching tools.

Another very positive outcome is that it aligns us with you. Your reputation is important and you will only recommend us to a friend if you genuinely value the product. Unlike traditional publisher sales teams, you won't recommend anything unless you truly believe in it. So we focus on making the product amazing for you and your students.

We've noticed that professors typically refer us to other professors without getting paid. But if you're helping us grow, we want to share that with you. We're in this together.

If you make an introduction or recommendation, just let us know. We'll keep track of everything on our end.

You make the intros, we'll handle the rest!