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We're growing quickly, and on the look out for smart generalists to join us in making the next generation of educational resources for college students.

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Phil Laney

Phil Laney

Phil is passionate about improving the way we learn using technology. As a serial tech founder, Phil loves bringing a community of experts together with technology to improve student and educator outcomes. When not hanging out with professors, Phil loves spending time with his 2 young daughters, and climbing.

Sam Butcher

Sam Butcher

Sam has spent the last 10 years in Ed Tech startups across Europe and the US. He's passionate about finding ways for technology to create opportunities for great learning. When he's not on campus chatting with educators and students, you'll most likely find him climbing or hiking.

Hari Sriskantha

Hari Sriskantha

Hari has loved coding ever since he found a kids' book on BASIC when he was 13. He has nearly ten years of experience working for start-ups, and he's passionate about using tech to make learning much more enjoyable for students and educators. In his spare time, he's a comedy writer (but please note that he is not that funny in real-life conversations).

Karol Bonk

Karol, an alumnus of the University of Aberdeen with a joint major in Finance and Real Estate, is driven by a passion for improving the education system. He helps educators leverage technology to create top-quality & engaging teaching materials. In his free time, Karol enjoys extreme sports like skateboarding and kitesurfing.

Spenser Robinson

Spenser Robinson

Dr. Spenser Robinson is the Campbell Endowed Professor and Director of Real Estate at Central Michigan University.  His innovations in video learning earned multiple awards for outstanding instruction.  He serves as the 2024 American Real Estate Society President, a start-up board advisor along with an in-demand consultant in real estate, climate, ESG and instruction.

Elaine Worzala

Dr. Elaine Worzala, CRE, FRICS is an award winning real estate educator. She has taught in numerous real estate programs across the country at both the graduate and undergraduate level. Teaching interests include the real estate process, market analysis, valuation, and investment. She is an active member of academic and professional organizations and believes strongly in bringing relevancy to her
classroom. She has also won numerous awards for her research in real estate education.

Éamonn D’Arcy

Éamonn D’Arcy is Professor of International Real Estate at Henley Business School, University of Reading. He has over thirty years’ experience as a real estate educator and is programme director of the MSc Real Estate. He is a past president of IRES, ERES, and is the Director of International Liaison for ARES. His research and teaching interests focus on real estate economics, markets, and the internationalisation of real estate involvements.